Fly Fishermen - Watercolor Paintings

Many people recognize fishing as a metaphor for life: the effort and struggles, days with no bites, trophy shots, and the ones that got away.

Fly fishing, however, is often a metaphor for the contemplative or spiritual life. It is an endeavor usually pursued alone without an audience or witnesses.

You are in the company of your soul and the Divine in nature. You stand alone in the flow of the river, reading the water and the sky, and working your craft: casting, mending, following the lure, and casting again.

Isn’t that living at its most pure? Performing a simple task in the midst of life, working toward effectiveness without judgment or validation. The goal is simply to put the lure where it needs to be. The rest is up to the fish.

Each painting in this series represents some aspect of life: proving yourself, facing death, learning difficult tasks.

My watercolor technique is unconventional and appears more like oils or acrylics. But I used watercolors intentionally for the ability to control opacity and transparency and ‘work the paper’ to create the impression of deep, moving, cold trout stream waters.