"Wending One's Way" - Oil Paintings

This series of oil paintings is in modified tonalist style depicting obstacles, restrictions, and challenges that must--and upon close observation can--be navigated to get to one’s destination.

I am employing the tonalist style after the American Tonalist movement (1880-1920) that responded to the bleak times of post-civil war. Those artists often used nocturnal or near-dusk landscapes with a suggestion of light at the bottom of the scene--a bit of light in a puddle, for example--and drew the observer into and among obscured suggestions of trees, buildings, ships, and such, and ultimately lifted the observer’s eye up toward emerging light. Although my colors are often bright and more highly contrasting, I seek the same response in my paintings: intrigue the observer with a bit of light or a distant destination, keep the eyes moving forward into the scene, and especially toward the light.