Who is Kitsy Stratton?

Kitsy is not your typical artist. She was a career scientist, trained in physics and astronomy. Her techniques and style are not conventional; her watercolors are rich and textured and look more like oils or acrylics. It is her scientific curiosity that encourages her to be experimental and push the medium to accomplish her desired effects, employing selective applications of opaque and transparent watercolors and working the surface of specialized paper to achieve the appearance of deep, moving, cold trout stream waters.

As an observation data analyst for most of her 22-year career, Kitsy observed and saw the world--and life--from many, often unusual, perspectives. As a physical scientist with NOAA, her creativity paired well with her keen observation and analytical skills in designing programs for quality control technicians, writing and designing webpages, descriptive scientific reports, and White House Press Briefing materials.

When she retired in 2003, Kitsy began devoting much of her time capturing photographic images, painting watercolor miniatures, exploring collage and textured acrylic abstracts, and venturing into her mother’s medium of oils. But it was not until two of her siblings passed away of COVID-19 between October
2020 and her birthday, July 2021, that Kitsy decided to take her art to the highest possible level open to her.

In August of 2021, Kitsy produced her first small body of work: a series of six watercolors, using fly fishing as the motif, suggesting times of life one must go through alone or alone with a guide. Her first art showing of her paintings was in November of 2021.

Kitsy now has six distinct bodies of work in development and has gallery presence in three locations. Although each body of work varies in medium, style and technique – the over-arching theme of her entire creative repertoire is The Journey Through Life.