A fly fisherman stands in a river at dawn, inspecting his reel or changing the fly.
"Fly Fisherman I" -- A fly fisherman stands in a river at dawn, selecting his first fly of the day.
Fly fisherman stands in the river looking upstream as a dark cloudy autumn sky hangs overhead.

"Fly Fisherman II" -- It never rains when you're fishing.

A fly fisherman and his guide stand in a wide river pleased with this cast as the sun is deeply setting.

"Fly Fisherman III" -- The perfect cast at the end of a great day.

A female angler strains but perfectly places her lure in a difficult location between large rocks and leaning trees along a narrow stream. (Original and prints not available.)

"Fly Fisherman IV" -- She will not be defeated by a difficult cast. (Not available)

Dressed for the cold, a fly fisherman stands on a rock in the swift current of a rushing stream at the peak of autumn.

"Fly Fisherman V" -- Not the best approach but in this setting, does that matter?

An elderly gentleman angler stands ankle deep at the side of typical mountain trout stream. The faded and dying foliage indicate the approach of the end of the season.

"Fly Fisherman VI" -- A great way to end a beautiful season.

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