The Journey Through Life

All of my paintings--whether Watercolor pictorial landscapes, surreal abstracts in Oils, or allusions to mythology in Encaustic--find their natural place beneath this over-arching theme.

What I do

Provide Light and Inspiration for the Journey

I have always been an observer of life, not just an observer of things. I notice processes, forces, and life lessons in nature and the mundane. I attempt to capture and convey the situations that seem universal. Is everyone meant to live the Hero’s Journey? I don’t know. I know some who do. I also know many who do not. But there are aspects of life that seem unavoidable like the need to experience some things alone—grief, facing one’s mortality, discovering one’s inner strengths.

There are challenges in everyone’s life and often the path is uncertain or must be cut and cleared at the time--necessary human passages that call for necessary action. It is my intention to create and share with the world, visual verbs that inspire movement through those passages. It is my intention to spark and inspire positive energy in living, loving, and creative expression in all people

---for the greater good of all people.

Who Is Kitsy Stratton?

Kitsy is a contemporary artist with an unusual eye. She was a career scientist, trained in physics and astronomy. Her techniques and style are not conventional; her watercolors are rich and textured and look more like oils or acrylics.

It is her scientific curiosity that encourages her to be experimental and push the medium to accomplish her desired effects, employing selective applications of opaque and transparent watercolors and working the surface of specialized paper to achieve the appearance of deep, moving, cold trout stream waters.


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